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▶ Voting starts today!

Vote for any pairing of characters you’d like (romantic or platonic.)

Percabeth will be the 12th day, so don’t vote for them.

There will be at least two slash pairings, so be sure to vote for them as well! 

So, who do you want vote for?

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hey Nico, are you going keep your crush to yourself like you did with Percy, and wallow in self pity if he gets a gf, or are you going to man up and tell him how you feel before it is too late!?

First, I wasn’t wallowing in self pity because of Percy, it was more because coming to terms with your sexuality and stuff is not an easy thing to do. And I’m still kind of dealing with it, now that I’ve started coming out. So I’m gonna give myself some time, but when I decide to start dating, I’m sure I’ll let the object of my affection know. -Nico  

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Hey Annabeth, you and piper have seemed pretty close lately *wink wink* have anything 2 say?

Um… nope. -Annabeth 

I mean… I wouldn’t say no to her if we were both single, but I’m with Jason, and I don’t want to leave him for anyone else. -Piper 

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hey nico. do u have a crush on reyna

Don’t get me wrong, Reyna is strong, talented, beautiful, and a badass, but she is so not my type. -Nico 

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hey nico, are you happy right now?

you know… I actually am. -Nico 

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▶ Blood of Olympus spoilers will be tagged with Boospoilers until November 8

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Nico, what do you think of Will Solace? *Wiggles eyebrows*

He’s um… He’s something else. -Nico 

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Annabeth, any regrets?

I wish I could have saved Luke earlier, but I try not to focus on regrets. -Annabeth 

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To Percy: so what now?

I’m gonna sleep for like 4 years. -Percy 

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